Water Pressure Systems

Experience Unparalleled Water Pressure Solutions with DhwaNeer and Pentair Shurflo

In the Food Service Industry, water pressure is more than just a convenience—it's a vital component of smooth operations. At DhwaNeer, we recognize the critical role that water pressure plays in the efficient functioning of your food service establishment. We are proud to partner with Pentair Shurflo to deliver Water Pressure Systems that are engineered to meet your specific needs, ensuring a seamless and reliable water supply.

Understanding the Significance of Water Pressure

Water pressure is the lifeblood of many food service operations. Whether you're running a bustling restaurant, café, or catering service, the availability of consistent and adequate water pressure is essential for:

Efficient Equipment Operation

From dishwashers to coffee machines, adequate water pressure ensures that your equipment functions optimally.

Quick Service

Faster filling, rinsing, and cleaning mean faster service and satisfied customers.


Maintain the consistency of food and beverage quality with a reliable water supply.

Reduced Downtime

Reliable water pressure minimizes equipment downtime and reduces the risk of costly breakdowns.

Benefits of DhwaNeer's Water Pressure Systems with
Pentair Shurflo

By choosing DhwaNeer's Water Pressure Systems, in partnership with Pentair Shurflo, you gain access to a range of benefits:

Customized Solutions

We work closely with you to assess your water pressure needs and design a system that perfectly aligns with your operations.

Proven Expertise

Pentair Shurflo is a renowned leader in water solutions, known for innovation, quality, and reliability.

Enhanced Efficiency

Our systems are engineered to provide consistent and adequate water pressure, ensuring that your equipment operates at peak efficiency.

Reduced Equipment Downtime

Minimize the risk of equipment breakdowns and reduce maintenance costs with reliable water pressure.

Peace of Mind

DhwaNeer's commitment to service and support means that you can rely on us to keep your water pressure systems running smoothly.

Applications of DhwaNeer's Water Pressure Systems

Our Water Pressure Systems are suitable for a wide range of applications in the Food Service Industry, including:


Ensure efficient rinsing and cleaning in your dishwashers.

Beverage Dispensing

Maintain consistent water pressure for coffee machines, soda dispensers, and more.

Food Preparation

Speed up food preparation processes with reliable water pressure.

Featured Products


Maxi Water Boost: 804-026 115 VAC 1/2" (13 mm) Barb Fittings 804-037 115 VAC 3/8" (10 mm) Barb Fittings Replacement Bladder: 94-697-00


  • Fountain
  • Coffee
  • Drinking water


  • Increases flow and pressure to carbonated and non-carbonated soda valves for consistent drink quality
  • Maximizes filter life on filtration systems
  • Replaceable bladder for maximum system life and simple maintenance
  • Self-priming pump can run dry without damage
  • Eliminates pulsation at dispenser valve resulting in more accurate brix ratio and maximum syrup utilization
  • Low profile allows for undercounter installation
  • Rigid stainless steel tanks
  • Complete turn-key package
  • Replaceable bladder
  • Quick connects
  • NSF® Certified

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Elevate the efficiency and reliability of your food service operations with DhwaNeer's Water Pressure Systems, in partnership with Pentair Shurflo. Our experts are ready to assess your needs and design a customized solution that ensures a consistent and adequate water supply. Don't let water pressure issues slow down your business; choose DhwaNeer and experience the convenience and peace of mind that come with reliable water pressure. Contact us today to get started.