Water Treatment Process for Commercial & Foodservice

At DhwaNeer, we care about the integrity of our solutions and what that means to your customers and to your business. Still, we want to make your job a little easier. From selecting the right solution to installation and through its lifespan, we remove the guesswork and replace it with peace of mind.

1. Water Analysis

Water, in its natural state, can contain bacterial pathogens and emit Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). Once water reaches pipes and travels to your business, it can pick up chlorine or chloramine, used by municipal water companies to disinfect the water, as well as metal particles from old or degraded pipes.

This is why it’s essential to test your water quality. These contaminants can create issues with the way water and ice tastes, smells, and looks, and also affect the performance of your equipment. Knowing the chemical breakdown of your water is the first step toward overflowing savings. The Pentair H2O Express Test Kit quickly identifies contaminants.

2. Site Survey

Part of the national TWM program is an on-site analysis during which Pentair water experts will perform a complete evaluation and inspection of your water-using foodservice equipment. We’ll then be able to provide expert guidance on the best water treatment for your applications. We will:

  • Check to see if your existing water treatment system is sufficient for your business’ needs
  • Determine what factors are contributing to a less-than-optimal performance
  • Tell you what is required for the system to operate effectively
  • Make recommendations for repair and maintenance services
  • Identify the most efficient and effective Everpure Product mix for your locations
  • Show you how an Everpure Water Treatment System can be integrated into your place of business

Our assessment is geared toward developing a plan to ensure consistency, efficiency, and quality of water.

3. Product Solutions

By determining your water’s unique characteristics and evaluating your site, we can recommend system improvements and product solutions.

The Everpure products include everything from carbon filters that can counteract a strong chlorine taste and smell, to water softening systems for hard water, to reverse osmosis systems for excessive TDS.

4. Installation Start-up

Once a Pentair TWM water advisor has identified potential issues with your water and recommended solutions to help correct the problem, it’s time to get your system set up and running at peak performance. You can count on our TWM team for professional, seamless installation of your new Everpure Water Treatment Equipment so you won’t just get the job done; you’ll know it’s done right and to your — and our — high standards.

5. Planned Maintenance

The TWM program doesn’t end after our TWM team has installed your new water treatment equipment. We’re committed to ensuring your long-term success. Ongoing maintenance is important, so warding off potential issues with your kitchen equipment is our priority. You face enough pressure to keep your business running day in and day out. The last thing you need is equipment failure due to water issues.

We have your back. Our TWM Planned Maintenance Program covers regular and planned maintenance services to help keep your system running optimally.

  • Scheduled Water Filtration Maintenance for your Foodservice Equipment
  • Hassle-Free Planning
  • Easy, Flexible Payment Options


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