Reverse Osmosis

Learn about DhwaNeer's Reverse Osmosis Systems

In the fast-paced world of food service, crystal-clear water is non-negotiable. It impacts hygiene, taste, and equipment health. DhwaNeer understands. Our cutting-edge RO systems meticulously remove impurities, ensuring your water meets the highest quality standards. We transform ordinary tap water into a valuable asset for your business. With DhwaNeer, you can confidently serve the best, protect your equipment, and elevate your reputation.

Understand the Magic of Reverse Osmosis

Hard water, chlorine, and yucky tastes can ruin your coffee and impact hygiene. Reverse Osmosis (RO) is your secret weapon! It's like a microscopic gatekeeper, using a special filter to banish impurities, leaving only pure, delicious water. RO ensures your food and drinks taste amazing, protects equipment, and keeps customers happy. Unleash the power of RO and transform your water into a valuable asset!

Benefits of DhwaNeer's RO Systems

By partnering with DhwaNeer for your RO system, you unlock these advantages:

Unrivaled Clarity

Unleash the full potential of your menu with DhwaNeer RO. Our systems provide exceptional purity, guaranteeing delicious-tasting and visually appealing food and drinks.

Tailored Solutions

No matter your business size, DhwaNeer has you covered. We offer a variety of RO systems, ensuring a perfect fit for your unique water requirements, from cozy cafes to large-scale catering operations.

Ecological balance

DhwaNeer champions sustainability! Our cutting-edge RO systems minimize water waste and energy consumption, aligning with your green initiatives.

Improved Cost Savings

DhwaNeer RO: Your secret weapon for peak efficiency. Cleaner water means longer-lasting equipment, lower maintenance needs, and a smoother operation overall.

Discover the Diverse Uses of DhwaNeer RO Systems

From coffee to cocktails, Our RO systems are versatile and a game-changer for your food service operation.

Beverage Creation

Unlock the full flavor potential of your beverages. DhwaNeer RO ensures crystal-clear water that lets your coffee, tea, and soft drinks shine.

Cooking and Food Creation

Unlock culinary perfection! Our RO water guarantees consistent taste and texture in all your creations, keeping your equipment running smoothly.

Ice Manufacturing

No more off-flavor ice ruining your drinks! DhwaNeer RO ensures pure, tasteless ice that lets the true flavors shine.

Utensil Sanitation

Ditch the hand-drying! Our RO water ensures dishes and glasses emerge from the wash spot-free and gleaming.

Featured Products


Efficient and flexible with blending for different food service applications

Model and Part Number

Everpure R0-200U Reverse Osmosis System SA31207
4FC-CN Fibredyne cartridge SA21039
Everpure reverse osmosis membrane SA21035
Phosphate cartridge LSY-5 SA21036


  • Patented quick-change filter cartridge replacement
  • Satisfies the demands of various water consumption equipment
  • High water efficiency water yield up to 60%
  • Reduces the downtime and additional maintenance costs caused by scale, and lowers the energy consumption
  • Reduces chlorine taste and odor that affect the taste of water and beverages


Complete Point Of Use Solution For Your Store


  • Customize your beverage with great tasting water
  • Consistent chain store beverage quality
  • Protect equipment from scale
  • High flow multi-outlets to meet different water needs


  • Consistency. Remove or reduce unwanted minerals, particulates and chemicals so your water is sparkling clean, every time.
  • Confidence. Pentair Everpure products are proven effective. That’s why you can find our products in foodservice operations around the world.
  • Solutions. Our Total Water Management Program can solve your water problems. We’ll analyze your operation, provide recommendations, and install the right products so your water is problem-free. And we’ll help you stay that way with our maintenance program.
  • Satisfaction. Everpure water is better all around, which mean you’ll have a more cost-effecient and high performing operation, and your customers will have a superior overall experience.


Enjoy Pure Water, A Smart Way of Life.
Smart high-volume water purifier 400GPD-PRO5000E / 600GPD-ROM7000WS


Model PRO5000E ROM7000WS
RO Membrane specifications 400GPD 600GPD
Water quality TDS monitoring No Yes
LED tap indicator No Yes
Water Supply conditions Chlorinated City Water
Water Supply temperature 4-38°C
Water Supply pressure 0.14~0.35MPa
Purified water flowrate 1.2L/min* 1.5Lmin**
Purified water quality Meets requirements for "Code for Hygienic Safety and Function Evaluation of Drinking Water Quality Equipment - Reverse Osmosis Systems" (2001)
Electricity requirements 220V 50/60HZ 55W 220V 50/60HZ 70W
Installation measurements 430X210X490mm
Product weight 16.5kg


  • Rapid output, straight from the source.
  • Lasting Green technology for greater water savings.
  • Dual layer protection for better health and peace of mind.
  • 5 Sensors for Smart and Timely Control.
  • Smart flushing for fresher, purer water.
  • Smart alarm with dual reminders.

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